Making the Physical Therapy Entertaining

TítuloMaking the Physical Therapy Entertaining
Tipo de publicaciónBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AutoresTorres, A, López, G, Guerrero, L
EditorBravo, J, Hervás, R, Villarreal, V
Book TitleAmbient Intelligence for Health
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
ISBN Number978-3-319-26508-7
Palabras clavePhysical therapy, Videogames, Wearable medical devices

In physical therapy, goniometers are used to measure limb movement during restoration exercises. These devices aren’t always readily available to therapists, and the exercises themselves are monotonous and offer little motivation for the patients. We have developed a low-cost device prototype we’ve tested in knee rehabilitation exercises, and developed a framework with which a mobile application can use gathered data from said device, such as is the case of an example game also addressed here, intended to increase patient motivation and commitment when exercising.