Developing a Proxy Service to Bring Naturality to Amazon's Personal Assistant ``Alexa''

TítuloDeveloping a Proxy Service to Bring Naturality to Amazon's Personal Assistant ``Alexa''
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AutoresCarvajal, L, Quesada, L, López, G, Brenes, JA
EditorNunes, IL
Conference NameAdvances in Human Factors and Systems Interaction
Date Published06/2017
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Conference LocationCham
ISBN Number978-3-319-60366-7
Palabras claveAlexa, Amazon Echo, Intelligent personal assistant

Amazon's Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant, developed to be used jointly with a Bluetooth Speaker and microphone hardware called Amazon Echo. Even though Alexa is supposed to be a natural user interface, its use is not very natural. As a user is intending to use Amazon's Alexa system, they must follow a very tighten and structured way to provide the commands for the system to achieve its goal. In this paper, we propose a proxy service called ``Plis''. This service was developed as a Skill to be used with the Amazon Echo. Therefore, a user can say: Alexa, ``plis'' and our functionality will start its job. Our skill determines from the natural way in which the user speaks what they are asking for. With that information, we create a query that would be further sent to other skills already providing the functionality required.