MBT4J: Automating the Model-Based Testing Process for Java Applications


Model-based testing is a process that can reduce the cost of software testing by automating the design and generation of test cases but it usually involves some time-consuming manual steps. Current model-based testing tools automate the generation of test cases, but offer limited support for the model creation and test execution stages. In this paper we present MBT4J, a platform that automates most of the model-based testing process for Java applications, by integrating several existing tools and techniques. It automates the model building, test case generation, and test execution stages of the process. First, a model is extracted from the source code, then an adapter—between this model and the software under test—is generated and finally, test cases are generated and executed. We performed an evaluation of our platform with 12 configurations using an existing Java application from a public repository. Empirical results show that MBT4J is able to generate up to 2,438 test cases, detect up to 289 defects, and achieve a code coverage ranging between 72% and 84%. In the future, we plan to expand our evaluation to include more software applications and perform error seeding in order to be able to analyze the false positive and negative rates of our platform. Improving the automation of oracles is another vein for future research.

Tipo de publicación: Conference Paper

Publicado en: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

  • Leonardo Villalobos-Arias
  • Christian Quesada-López
  • Alexandra Martinez
  • Marcelo Jenkins

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Leonardo Villalobos Arias
Dr. Christian Quesada-López
Dra. Alexandra Martínez Porras
Dr. Marcelo Jenkins Coronas

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MBT4J: Automating the Model-Based Testing Process for Java Applications