An Evaluation of Functional Size Measurement Methods

Tipo de publicación: Conference Paper

Publicado en: Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering

  • Christian Quesada-López
  • Marcelo Jenkins

Investigadores del CITIC asociados a la publicación
Dr. Christian Quesada-López
Dr. Marcelo Jenkins Coronas

Proyecto asociado a la publicación
Medición automatizada del tamaño funcional para aplicaciones de software transaccionales

Palabras claves
  • Automated Function Points AFP
  • Experimental procedure.
  • Function Point Analysis FPA
  • function points
  • Functional size measurement

Software size is one of the key factors that has the potential to affect the effort of software projects. Providing accurate software size estimation is a complex task. A number of functional size measurement (FSM) methods have been proposed to quantify the size of software based on functional user requirements (user perspective). Function point analysis (FPA) was the first proposal for a FSM method and it is one of the most accepted FSM methods in the industry. Automated Function Point (AFP) method state the guidelines for automating FPA counting from software source code.


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An Evaluation of Functional Size Measurement Methods