Cloud Management Platform Selection: a Case Study in a University Setting

Tipo de publicación: Conference Proceedings

Publicado en: International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization

  • Cocozza, Francisco
  • López, Gustavo
  • Marín, Gabriela
  • Villalón, Ricardo
  • Arroyo, Francisco

Investigadores del CITIC asociados a la publicación
Francisco Cocozza Garro
Dr. Gustavo López Herrera
Dra. Gabriela Marín Raventós
Dr. Ricardo Villalón Fonseca
Rafael Francisco Arroyo Mora

Proyecto asociado a la publicación
Creación de la Nube Académica Computacional de la UCR (NAC)

Palabras claves
  • cloud computing
  • Cloud Management Platform
  • OpenStack
  • VLC

Cloud Computing has gained importance in recent years. There are many implementations' analyses and evaluations of Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) in the literature. Moreover, the context and characteristics differ drastically between implementations, depending on the user requirements and usage context. This paper presents a case study of the process we followed to select a Cloud Computing management platform to be deployed in a University. Administrative and academic requirements were gathered and studied to define the most appropriate platforms. We present an overview of available CMPs. Moreover, we show a set of comparison criteria that could be used to determine which CMP adapts best to the cloud deployment scenario.


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Cloud Management Platform Selection: a Case Study in a University Setting