A quality assurance experience in a Systems Unit

TítuloA quality assurance experience in a Systems Unit
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AutoresJenkins, M, Martínez, A, López, G
Conference NameLACREST Medellín 2012, Requirements Engineering & Software Testing, Latin American Congress
Date Published07/2012
Conference LocationMedellín-Colombia
ISBN Number978-958-46-0577-1
Palabras claveCMMI, Quality assurance, software testing

This  article  is  an  experience  report  of  carrying  out  a  project  to improve the process in a small software development organization based  on  the  CMMI-DEV  1.3  model.  Specifically,  our  project focused  primarily  on  improving  the  software  testing  sub-process and  implementing  SCAMPI  type  C  assessments  of  the  current process.  We  describe  the  scope  of  the  project  and  the  results obtained to date in conducting independent testing of the software systems  and  the  assessments  of  the  state  of  the  current  software process  based  on  the  CMMI  model.  This  article  may  interest organizations wishing  to  improve  their  software process based on an international standard.