Designing a Blended Software Testing Course for Embedded C Software Engineers

TítuloDesigning a Blended Software Testing Course for Embedded C Software Engineers
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AutoresJenkins, M, Martínez, A, Rodríguez, JE, Rojas, E
Conference NameIASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education
Date Published07/2011
Conference LocationReino Unido
Palabras claveAdvanced Technology in Education and Training, Distance and Open Education, Teaching Software Testing, Technology-based Blended

This  paper  reports  a  case  study  in  designing  an introductory software testing course for systems engineers who  develop  C  embedded  software  for  networking systems.  Our  course  is  focused  on  unit  testing  and introduces one particular tool for doing it. We designed a technology-based  blended  training  course  with  a significant  on-line  component  using  Moodle  as  our learning  management  system.  Even  though  our  course consists of 40 attendance hours, the attendees will have to spend an additional 20-40 hours on off-class work doing homework  and  reading  assignments.  We  will  also  use parts  of  several  on-line  instructional  videos  to complement  our  material.  This  paper  might  help educational  institutions  and  college  professors  in designing and  implementing  software  testing courses  for industry,  especially  when  the  learning  requirements  are rather particular.