Biocomputing platform module for cancer genomics and chemotherapy

TítuloBiocomputing platform module for cancer genomics and chemotherapy
Tipo de publicaciónConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AutoresCoto, JC, Siles, F, Mora-Rodriguez, R
Conference Name2016 IEEE 36th Central American and Panama Convention (CONCAPAN XXXVI)
Date PublishedNov
Palabras claveAnalytical models, batched analysis, biocomputing, biocomputing platform module, Bioinformatics, cancer, cancer cell lines, cancer genomics, chemotherapeutic compounds, chemotherapeutic data, chemotherapy, data analysis, Data models, Data Processing, Data visualization, exploratory data analysis, gene expression, gene profile, genetics, Genomics, Learning Systems, medical computing, patient treatment, pattern clustering, Pattern Recognition, regression, regression analysis, unsupervised clustering models