Ariel Mora Jiménez

Ariel Mora Jiménez

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Exploratory Analysis of Research Publications on Robotics in Costa Rica Main Public Universities


The article presents the main robotic trends linked to the publications of the institutional repositories of the five main Costa Rican public universities: Tecnológico de Costa Rica, University of Costa Rica, National University, State Distance University, and National Technical University. The publications were obtained after using the keyword ‘robotics’ in the search engines of each repository. This procedure generated 241 results, of which only 55 were relevant, according to the application of five selection criteria. The analysis of the publications involved the categorization of nine general variables and the counting of their frequencies. The results obtained indicate that the publications cover a period of 14 years, in which male participation predominates and the presence of the Tecnológico de Costa Rica and the University of Costa Rica. The main robotic fields detected correspond to educational, autonomous, and industrial robotics.

Tipo de publicación: Book Chapter

Publicado en: Advances in Human Factors in Robots, Unmanned Systems and Cybersecurity